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Upwork Skill Certifications Answers Upwork Twitter Bootstrap Test Answers Upwork Django Test Answers Upwork Drupal Test Answers Upwork Magento Test answers Upwork Readiness test Answers for independent contractors and Company Managers Details of expenses on account of the administrative staff. Details of small expenses related to the running of the office.

Details of expenses on account of electricity and water bills. When you are introducing a woman and are unsure of her marital status, which title should you use? Miss a. Madam a. You are asked to call up senior executives of your company located in different continents to inform them about the proposed dates for an international sales meeting.

What is the best time to call them up? After your office hours a. During your office hours a. Between A. Any of the above Working outside the office, often from home.

Freelancing work to workers outside the main office building, often to foreign workers for cheaper labor costs. A form of half working from home, half at the office. Leaving work early. Which of the following are good office practices when creating documents such as letters, memos, company files etc? Always save to hard drive and at least one back-up, such as a CD or thumb drive. Save to the hard drive and a back-up, if necessary. Save to the back-up first, and then the hard drive.

Save once a day. The value of all the office hardware, including computers and furniture. An economics term meaning the intrinsic value under optimal, often free-market conditions of the product the company sells or manufactures. The value of common decency between employees of a given office. The cost in petty cash of all company-expense dinners in a given month.

What is the appropriate response to discovering the printer is out of ink? Force the printer to deliver the last drop of ink by turning it upside down, holding it carefully. Walk away and tell a fellow office worker, hoping he or she will take responsibility.

Leave it to the next person. Replace the ink if the cartridge is available otherwise follow the office procedure for replacing or ordering the cartridges. Office space on former sites of class A drug offenses. The lowest quality office buildings in a given area. The highest quality office space available in a given area. The highest quality office space for the least price. It makes the selected text appear in bold. It pastes the text that has already been copied. It converts the selected text into the next larger size of the same font.

It applies italic formatting to the selected text. All of the above Which of the following energy-saving practices can be used in an office without adversely affecting company productivity? Use only one bathroom light during office hours a. Turn off lights and computers at the end of the day a. Turn off the computers between sending e-mails a.

Use lower Watt light bulbs, especially in the emergency exits a. What is the best way to handle an angry colleague or client with a complaint? Listen to their concerns, and calmly but firmly explain what you are able to do, offering other solutions and options, without getting angry in turn.

Show a little anger as a way of evening out the situation. Shout back, and then, later in the day, find a place to sulk, or time to complain to your own boss. Listen to their concerns, politely explain what you are able to do, and if they insist, shout back your own concerns and complaints.

Which of the following are not recommended when trying to improve working with others in an office environment Answers: a. Talking when others are talking, and listening only occasionally. Being as consciously helpful as possible, and offering practical solutions. Changing the printer ink or cartridge when it runs out. What is the benefit of e-mailing documents rather than always providing hard copies to individuals?

There is no benefit except that people can delete them more easily. The documents can potentially be edited online and re-circulated. The documents can be electronically forwarded, which saves stationery that may otherwise be used. Which of the following file formats relate to a graphic file or scanned image file? JPEG a. VBP a. HTML a. GIF a. What is the difference between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel?

Access is mainly for spreadsheets and Excel is for databases a. Access is mainly for databases and Excel is for spreadsheets a. Access is mainly for databases and Excel is for word processsing a.

Access is mainly for word processing and Excel is for spreadsheets, including digitial photograph editing What is the most frequently used typeface and point size when creating Word documents? Times New Roman, 12 point a. Times, 14 point a. Courier New, 12 point a. Courier New, 14 point a. The equivalent of a couch potato, but in terms of using a computer — i. An office ornament that workers place on their desks to keep them motivated during office hours. What is very important to remember to do when entering an office business meeting at any level, especially when clients are there?

Bow slightly before your superiors or company executives. Take the coats from clients and drape them over your arm during the meeting. Turn OFF all cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices. Turn ON all cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices. What are the traditional office hours in the Western world, now much more flexible, though still adhered to in most offices?

A simple message, usually delivered by e-mail or hard copy and sent to all office staff, updating everyone on new office procedures. A circular-shaped memo. A letter of introduction by a potential new client. A complaint letter to the CEO circulated to and signed by the entire company staff. Traditionally, approximately how many pages should a business CV or resume have? Just 1 a. Exactly 2 and a half, and never more or less a.

Which of the following activities could possibly infect your computer with a virus? Installing pirated Software from a CD. Downloading games and songs from the internet. The success of a business in dollar value minus the dollar value of previous attempts to make it a success. In Microsoft PowerPoint , how would you crop a picture to an exact set of dimensions?

Enter the size numbers in the Width, Height, Left and Top boxes. Select the picture and right click on it. Both a and b. It is used to discard the recorded slide timings. It sets the exact length of time for a slide to appear. It disallows random mouse clicks to advance a slide and forces the user to use provided navigation buttons or links.

Which of the following options would you choose to turn off the narration? Select narration and right click on it. Select Mute from the list. All of the above. How do you change the colors of a SmartArt Diagram?

When you paste slides into a presentation, how do you maintain their original formatting? Click the Insert Slide Design button on the Home tab. Click the Format Slide button in the Slides Pane. Select another template from the Slide Design pane. How do you insert a new slide master into a presentation?

In Master View, click the Insert Layout button. Which file format includes macros that can be used in a presentation? Page Setup. Slide Show. Switch Windows. Click on the File Menu, then click Options. On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click Message bar. How would you write on the slides during a slide show? In the Slide Sorter view, right-click on the slide that you want to write on, point to Pen Options, and then click on a pen. Drag it to write.

On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, select a pen and then drag it to write. In the Slide Show view, right-click on the slide that you want to write on, point to Pointer Options, and then click on a pen or a highlighter option.

Hold down the left mouse button and drag to write. How do you display the keyboard accelerators in Microsoft PowerPoint ? Press and hold the ALT button. Press and hold the CTRL button. Which of the following tools does not appear on the Arrange dropdown on the Home tab? Size and position. Selection pane. Refer to the given image. Which of the following fill options does not have a transparency option? State whether True or False:. You can add your own placeholders to the Slide Layouts.

Which chart type is represented in the given picture? Radar charts. Surface charts. XY scatter charts. Bar charts. How will you read comments that reviewers have added to your presentation? On the Review tab, in the Comments group, click on Show Markup.

Text box. Slide Title. How would you create text in the shape of a half-circle? Insert Word Art. Drawing Tools Format, Edit Shape. Which State whether True or False: When adding commands to the Ribbon, you must first create a custom group for those commands. What does the Remove Background tool do? Removes graphics from a slide background. Makes an image background transparent. Deletes speaker notes and file properties. What type of hidden data and personal information cannot be detected by the Document Inspector in Microsoft PowerPoint ?

It cannot detect or remove off-slide objects with animation effects. It cannot remove pictures that are added to the notes section of a presentation.

By default, when you paste a chart from Excel into PowerPoint , is it linked or embedded? It is linked.

It is embedded. How do you make it enter from the bottom instead of the right? Use the Effect Options button on the Transitions tab.

Use the Directions setting in Transition Preview. Click Orbit twice in the Transitions gallery. How do you adjust the hanging indent in a bulleted list? Drag the indent markers on the ruler. Click the indent button on the Drawing Tools Format tab.

Right-click in the textbox and choose Edit Text. Click the Insert Tabs button on the Home tab of the Ribbon. In which video file format does the Create a Video feature save the presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint Which picture format maintains transparency in Microsoft PowerPoint ? When you move the object on the slide in Normal editing View, the locked motion path does what? Stays in place. Moves with the object. Becomes straight. Which of the following paste options is used to paste a slide and maintain its original formatting?

When you double-click the file icon on your desktop, your presentation should open in Slide Show View as a full-screen presentation. Which file format will you use to save your presentation so it behaves in this manner? Which of the following defines the correct purpose of using a poster frame image?

To add still image introduction to the video. To add visual effect to the narration. To insert a picture on any part of the screen. To create or edit a presentation based on a set of pictures.


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    Microsoft powerpoint 2016 skills test upwork answers free - http://replace.me

    Applies formatting from one object to another c. Adds a color change animation to text d. Adds animation that simulates handwriting. How can you change the SmartArt Diagram without starting over completely? Right-click the diagram and choose Change Layout b. Choose another layout from the SmartArt Layouts gallery c. Which of the following animation Effect Options will you choose when you want the SmartArt diagram to animate piece by piece? One by one b. As one object c. Dim after animation d.

    By 1st Level Paragraphs. How do you add a shape to a SmartArt Diagram? Use the Shapes gallery on the Insert tab and click and drag on the slide to draw the shape b. Use the Add Shape button on the Insert tab c. How do you resize a picture and maintain its aspect ratio?

    Drag the corner of the picture b. Press CTRL and drag the corner of the picture c. Drag the green handle on the top of the picture. What does the Reset button on the Home tab do? Resizes the slide to fit the workspace b. Removes picture customizations c. Reapplies background graphics d. Returns placeholders to their original positions and formatting. What is the quickest method to import multiple photographs into a slide show, two on each slide? Apply a multiple-picture layout to several slides and use the Clip Art icon in the placeholders to import your pictures.

    On the Insert menu, click Picture and select your pictures in a group for each slide. On the Insert menu, click Screenshot, then Screen Clipping. What does the Compare tool do? Compares changes in two presentations b. Compares one image to another to indicate differences c. Compares file size d. Compares presentations for backward compatibility.

    Which of the following is a feature of the Selection and Visibility pane? Ability to hide objects b. Ability to rename objects c. Ability to re-order objects d. The Opacity handle. The 3d-handle. The Rotation handle. The Cropping handle. By applying a transparent picture fill effect to the sound icon on the slide c.

    It restores the Ribbon to the default settings. It restores the Quick Access Toolbar to the default settings. It restores both the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar to the default settings. What is one thing the Compress Pictures feature does? Changes all pictures from color to black and white b. Decreases the contrast of all pictures in the presentation c. Permanently deletes cropped areas of pictures d. Condenses the pictures to one area of the slide. The image given above is that of the Recording toolbar, which appears when you Rehearse Timings.

    It displays the slide time. It displays the total presentation time. It displays the time taken by the first slide. You cannot trim video in Microsoft PowerPoint ; you must use video editing software to do this. Which of the following areas can be used in a slide to add Text? Shape c. Text Box d. What happens if you click the icon marked A? It takes you to the Slide Master.

    It takes you to Print Preview. It takes you to Speaker Notes View. It takes you to Normal View. Which of the following options is not included under the File tab in Microsoft PowerPoint ? Save as b. Print c. New d. Share e. Page Layout. You have applied a circle motion path to an object. How do you make the object animate counterclockwise instead of clockwise? Click the Animation dialog launcher on the Ribbon and choose Rewind when done playing b.

    Click the Animation dialog launcher on the Ribbon and choose Auto-reverse c. Which multimedia file formats can be embedded into Microsoft PowerPoint ? All of the above e. Refer to the given picture.

    Macros b. Marked as final c. Animation d. You can edit the path of a motion path animation. Client will trust on you for their specific jobs.

    Your profile looks genuine and verified. Competitive advantage on other freelancers. You get the knowledge about the field e. I learned on the web those freelancers who take skills test are 3 times more likely to get hired. Recent Posts. Featured Post. Point-to-point communications where both devices can transmit and receive on the medium at the same time are known as.

    Question: A network technician is measuring the transfer of bits across the company backbone for a mission critical application. The technician notices that the network throughput appears lower than the bandwidth expected. Question: What is a characteristic of the LLC sublayer? Answers: It places information in the frame allowing multiple Layer 3 protocols to use the same network interface and media.

    Question: After making configuration changes on a Cisco switch, a network administrator issues a copy running-config startup-config command. Question: Which statement describes the sequence of processes executed by a router when it receives a packet from a host to be delivered to a host on another network? Answers: It de-encapsulates the packet, selects the appropriate path, and encapsulates the packet to forward it toward the destination host.

    Answers: It forwards the frame out of all ports except for the port at which the frame was received. Question: What will happen if the default gateway address is incorrectly configured on a host? Answers: The host cannot communicate with hosts in other networks. Answers: It eliminates most address configuration errors. It reduces the burden on network support staff. Which two messages will the client typically broadcast on the network? Question: An administrator uses the Ctrl-Shift-6 key combination on a switch after issuing the ping command.

    What is the purpose of using these keystrokes? Question: What is the correct order for PDU encapsulation? Question: What are two examples of the cut-through switching method?

    Question: A particular telnet site does not appear to be responding on a Windows 7 computer. What command could the technician use to show any cached DNS entries for this web page? A technician has configured a user workstation with the IP address and default subnet masks that are shown. Based upon the exhibit, what could account for this failure? A network administrator is configuring access control to switch SW1. If the administrator has already logged into a Telnet session on the switch, which password is needed to access privileged EXEC mode?

    Question: What is the purpose of the routing process? Answers: to select the paths that are used to direct traffic to destination networks. Question: During normal operation, from which location do most Cisco switches and routers run the IOS?

    Which IP addressing scheme should be changed? Question: What is the purpose of the network security accounting function?

    Question: Which two components are configured via software in order for a PC to participate in a network environment?

    Question: What happens when part of an Internet VoIP transmission is not delivered to the destination? An administrator wants to change the name of a brand new switch, using the hostname command as shown. What prompt will display after the command is issued?? Question: Which statement is true about variable-length subnet masking?

    Answers: The size of each subnet may be different, depending on requirements. Question: A network administrator needs to monitor network traffic to and from servers in a data center. Which features of an IP addressing scheme should be applied to these devices? Answers: predictable static IP addresses for easier identification.

    Question: Match the description with the associated IOS mode. Question: Which two statements describe the characteristics of fiber-optic cabling? Answers: Fiber-optic cabling is primarily used as backbone cabling. Fiber-optic cabling does not conduct electricity. Question: Which function is provided by TCP? Question: What are three characteristics of multicast transmission?

    Answers: A single packet can be sent to a group of hosts. Multicast transmission can be used by routers to exchange routing information. Routers will not forward multicast addresses in the range of Question: On which switch interface would an administrator configure an IP address so that the switch can be managed remotely?

    Question: Which parameter does the router use to choose the path to the destination when there are multiple routes available? Answers: the lower metric value that is associated with the destination network. The network administrator for a small advertising company has chosen to use the As shown in the exhibit, a static IP address is assigned to the company web server.

    However, the web server cannot access the Internet. The administrator verifies that local workstations with IP addresses that are assigned by a DHCP server can access the Internet, and the web server is able to ping local workstations.

    Which component is incorrectly configured? Question: Three office workers are using the corporate network. The third employee participates in an important live audio conference with other office workers in branch offices. Question: What device is commonly used to verify a UTP cable? If the administrator uses Telnet to connect to the switch, which password is needed to access user EXEC mode? Question: A network administrator is enabling services on a newly installed server.

    Which two statements describe how services are used on a server? Answers: A port is considered to be open when it has an active server application that is assigned to it.

    Server security can be improved by closing ports that are associated with unused services. Question: In a network that uses IPv4, what prefix would best fit a subnet containing hosts? Can be opened by clicking Master Layout on the Slide Design tab. Allows you to add a background to a slide. Allows you to add a placeholder for an image. Allows you to add a text placeholder.

    Which of the following view contains the Notes Pane? Which of the following is the location where notes can be added? Notes Pane. Presenter Pane. Notes Master. Slide Pane. Which of the following tabs on the Ribbon contains the command to view the Notes Master?

    Which group on the Note Master tab contains the command to add footers to the notes pages? Enter bolded text in the Notes Pane. Delete previously entered notes in the Notes Pane. Add a chart to the Notes Pane. Enter italicized text in the Notes Pane. WordArt Styles. Which of the following opens when a chart is inserted on a slide? The selection pane. The commands to add transitions to slides is located on which tab of the Ribbon? Which of the following are movements which can be applied to objects in a presentation?

    A slide transition is applied to the slide.

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    Question SURVEY. 30 seconds. Q. Charlie has chosen to apply the fly-in entrance effect to an image in his presentation, but he would like the image to fly in from another direction. Which of the following should Charlie click to see other directions which can be chosen? answer choices. Correct test answers of CCNA all modules & Final exam test answers no of question here up to CCNA 1, CCNA 2, CCNA 3, CCNA 4 Exam Practice Final Practice SBA Skill Answers %.The solutions of CCNA v5 and CCNA v Exam Answer for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an IT certification from Cisco. Find here solved Upwork Test Answers. You will find here Upwork Computer Skills Tests, Upwork Databases Tests, Upwork Demo Tests, Upwork Electronics Tests, Upwork Engineering Skills Tests, Upwork English Language Tests, Upwork Facebook Development Tests, Upwork Finance and Accounting Tests, Upwork General Management Tests, Upwork General .%

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    Feb 18,  · Ans: b. Take the coats from clients and drape them over your arm during the meeting. c. Turn OFF all cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices. d. Turn ON all cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices. Ans: e. a and c. Question 4: There are 20 new PC’s in the account department. Question SURVEY. 30 seconds. Q. Charlie has chosen to apply the fly-in entrance effect to an image in his presentation, but he would like the image to fly in from another direction. Which of the following should Charlie click to see other directions which can be chosen? answer choices.